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STOP Restoration Keeps You Safe from Mold

Water damage is a leading cause of mold according to indoor air quality experts. Where there’s water damage, there’s a chance of mold growth and indoor environmental contamination, especially if the original water damage event was not handled by a true professional.
When mold contamination exists, STOP Restoration provides residential and commercial customers with mold damage services, including free mold inspection. Our expert technicians follow state-of-the-industry standards and have extensive training in the field, so you can trust STOP Restoration to remediate mold properly.
While not all mold is hazardous to your health, your safest bet is to speak with us about a free inspection. From there, laboratory testing is often needed to pinpoint the type of mold and spore count. A proper, custom protocol is designed and executed to return your space to safety. We can also recommend proper precautions to prevent further contamination or exposure.

If you have recently had water damage or suspect you may have a mold issue, call STOP Restoration at (877) 200-6906 today!

What Is Mold & How Do I Get Rid Of It?

Mold is a naturally occurring fungus that helps break down dead organic matter. It reproduces through tiny airborne spores and thrives in moist, warm conditions. In nature, mold plays a vital part in the ecosystem. Indoors, however, mold tends to be a source of respiratory irritation and, in some cases, dangerous and even lethal health conditions.
STOP Restoration has more than four decades of experience with mold inspections, remediation and removal, so we know our way around a mold problem. Plus, we’re only a phone call away.

Contact STOP Restoration at (877) 200-6906 immediately to keep mold damage at bay!

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1. Call STOP Restoration

With our 24/7 emergency response time, call (877) 200-6906 at any time of the day.

2. We Arrive at Your Home Quickly

We have an industry-leading response time, so you know we will arrive quickly to inspect the damage.

3. You Get a Plan of Action

We will assess the damage and provide a detailed plan of action to repair the damage.

4. We Restore All of Your Damage

Our professionally trained experts will mitigate any hazards and restore your home.

5. Your Life Goes Back to Normal

We put it all back together, down to placing the furniture back in the “right there” spot.

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