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Fire Damage Pack-Out & Storage

Full-Service Fire Damage Restoration Services

When you need fire damage restoration services, you may already know to call a team of professionals. You may be wondering, however, what will happen to the contents of your home or business while the restoration takes place. At STOP Restoration we take care of everything, including pack-out and storage of your belongings. Packing up and removing the contents of your home or business serves several purposes during restoration services.

Reasons for pack-out may include:

During the pack-out, our STOP Restoration experts take meticulous inventory and carefully pack all items to avoid further damage. We will move them to an offsite facility, where we can inspect for damage, provide details for insurance adjusters, clean and restore salvageable items to pre-loss condition, and store everything until your home or business is ready. When the time comes, we’ll follow the same thorough inventory and packing process to return your belongings to your property. We strive to exceed your expectations, so we’ll even place furniture and other items back right where they were.

Trust STOP Restoration for careful and attentive pack-out and storage of your belongings during our restoration services. Call (505) 207-2930 today for more information!

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We will assess the damage and provide a detailed plan of action to repair the damage.

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Our professionally trained experts will mitigate any hazards and restore your home.

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We put it all back together, down to placing the furniture back in the “right there” spot.

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